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Our uniquely crafted family of products is truly non-toxic to our bodies and non-damaging to our environment. Every time you paint your nails with Kapa Nui Polish you don't have to worry about drying and harming your nails or absorbing harmful chemicals. If these water-based products go down the drain, or in the trash, they will degrade cleanly leaving behind no toxins or contaminants.

 Kapa Nui Nail Colors are designed as a 3-step, 2 formula system. When used together, Kapa Nui Nail Color and Base & Top Coat Sealer delivers long-wearing, chip resistant beautiful nails. Apply to natural nails only.

Bundled price $65.00 ($72.50 value) Free U.S. shipping on orders $30 or more.

Collection contains (8) items

(3) Starter size bottles (9ml) in colors:  Hilo Orchid, Maui Rose & Olena

(1) Kapa Nui Base & Top Coat (15ml)
(1) Kapa Nui Remover (1 oz)
(1) Manicure Sticks x5 
(1) Re-usable Remover Pads x5 (colors will vary)
(1) Custom cosmetic bag


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How May Day became Lei Day. Lei (garland or wreath) making, whether it be with flowers, shells or feathers, is a traditional Hawaiian custom and art form passed down through generations. Many floral lei were created for a particular person in mind, intended to be gifts, and great care was given in finding the materials and artfully stringing the flowers together. Traditionally, lei were oftentimes tied around the person’s neck as a sign of respect because the head and back were considered sacred, which is unlike today’s lei presentations where the presenter places the lei over the wearer’s head. Either way, when presented, the mana (spirit) of the lei maker is said to pass to its wearer. (BY CHRISTINE HITT)


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