Piki - Non-Toxic Nail Polish

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Size: 9ml

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Piki (peach in Hawaiian)  color: transparent with a peach tint

We celebrate natural nails in all of their healthy beauty with our new line of transparent polish.

Part of our new Lelehuna Collection: small, fine mist like rain. In poetry, rain or rains may signify joy, life, growth, greenery; good fortune (light rains, mist); a gift of rainbow colored mist.

Our Revolutionary Fume-Free Nail Care System is designed to be used together; Kapa Nui Nail Color with our Base & Top Coat Sealer delivers long-wearing, chip resistant nails. (for natural nails only) Our polishes must be removed with Kapa Nui Remover Acetone will not remove our polish.

Apply all steps in thin layers allowing to dry 60 seconds between coats:
Step 1: Apply a thin layer of our Base & Top Coat Sealer
Step 2: Apply the Color coat in 1-2 layers
Step 3: Re-apply the Base & Top Coat Sealer. Watch our application and removal videos here
For desired Finishing Coats SHOP: Matte or Shine
How can you tell Kapa Nui Nails is THE healthiest choice in Nail Care Products?
Only 3 toxin-free ingredients with no other hidden chemicals; they are virtually ODORLESS. Can other 'Non-Toxic" nail polishes claim the same?
Ingredients: Water, acrylates emulsion, mineral pigments:
(may contain red and/or violet lakes, ultramarine blue, and/or titanium, chromium and iron oxides)
Notes: acrylates emulsion: there are no plastic microbeads or PFA's "Per-and polyfluoroalky substances" learn more
Made in Hawai'i by Medical Professionals
piki non toxic nail polish bottle with peaches

Of all colors of the rainbow - pink is the rarest to be seen as a wide swath. This occurs only over the most active of waterfalls and in with the perfect gusts of wind. We feel truly touched when these pink mists are born and so quickly fade.

Who knew you could save the planet and look good at the same time? Thanks to our non-toxic nail polish, you can! It’s everything you want in a nail color, only better. It’s healthier for you and does no harm to the planet. We make the healthiest nail polish in an array of vibrant Hawai'i inspired colors without any toxins or harsh chemicals that are found in most nail polishes. Our Non-Toxic Nail Polish is also fume-free, vegan and cruelty free, so it’s safe for everyone to use. So go ahead and say yes to healthy gorgeous nails!

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Everything you need for gorgeous nails!

Value Set contains: Piki Polish, Base & Top Coat Sealer, Travel Remover 1oz, Re-usable remover pads, Manicure sticks, Burlap Travel Bag

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How to Use


Apply all steps in thin layers allowing to dry 60 seconds between coats:

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of our Base & Top Coat Sealer

toxin free nail polish step 2

Step 2: Apply Color coat in 1-2 layers. Re apply Base & Top Coat

Step 3: To remove our long lasting polish with our Kapa Nui Remover

Finishing Coats Matte or Shine

When applied with Kapa Nui Base & Top Coat Sealer our polishes must be removed with Kapa Nui Remover which will also easily remove lacquers. Acetone will not remove our polish layers. 

Choose these healthier Alternatives today!


Start integrating healthier choices into your mani and pedi regimen with our non-toxic products designed for ALL nail polish lovers ~ including lacquers. For Natural Nails Only

non toxic nail polish healthy alternatives
wahine holding up hand painted in non toxic nail polish


Many suffer from nail damage due to toxic nail polish, chemical exposure or just from aging. But most dry, brittle, or cracked nails does not have to be permanent. Our Nail Repair & Strengthener is a breakthrough 3-in-1 formula that hydrates, restructures and remineralizes your nails.

If your nails are weak, brittle, dry, unable to grow, chemically damaged, or have naturally occurring ridges, then this is for you!

Customer Reviews

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I like the color, a little faint but pretty.

Cecilia B.
Best polish ever

Just used your clear peach toned polish and I love it. It stayed shiney even though my hands are always in the garden and in water. Much more durable than Opi . The remover is also easy to use. I’ve used Kapa Nui polish before so I knew it was sn excellent safe product. But the clear blew me away!