Our Story


Inspired by the Beauty of Hawai'i


Kapa Nui Nails founders Lyn & Terry Lam

Throughout our lives we have celebrated and admired how women empower themselves and embrace their individual beauty. Kapa Nui is a culmination of decades of learning that women want to look and feel their best while knowing the products they use are healthy and environmentally safe.

We moved from Oahu to the Big Island of Hawaii 23 years ago and built a health center to provide affordable, ethical healthcare for the women of Hawaii Island. Our success stemmed from our values of integrity, trust, and quality of service. Through our service we found fulfillment in educating and empowering women and their families to make healthy choices.

As we searched our own lives for healthier lifestyle alternatives, we learned how physically damaging and environmentally hazardous traditional polishes are and how few alternatives are available. We developed alternative nail products that are safe for everyone, including pregnant women, children, and people with cancer. Working with our highly accomplished chemist, we developed a full line of nail products including our curated color palette, inspired by the Hawaii we love. We want all people to know they do not need to sacrifice health for beauty.

About our name: Hawaiian words can have many translations: “Kapa” means cloth or covering and “Nui” means great or grand. To us Kapa Nui means “Grand Covering”.

We mean it when we say “Our Nail products are 'Made in Hawaii with Aloha.” We invite you to adorn yourself with the empowering colors of Hawaii. 

 Terry and Lyn

     Terry Lam        Lyn M. Lam, M.D.