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Lovely colors

Got a compliment immediately upon putting on this new color for me. Love that they’re less toxic than other polishes : )

Love Love LOVE this color!

Absolutely in love with this Kona Coffee color! Looks super elegant. I've had it on now for 4 days, and been cleaning, washing dishes and it still looks fantastic. Definitely recommend taking time to apply the base/top coat before and after the color (I also added a coat of "shine").

Really works quickly!!

So glad I tried this organic cuticle oil. My cuticles were in bad shape, after a few days I don't recognize them! Highly recommend

Great product

I've been using this oil for a few weeks now and my cuticles appreciate it! My cuticles always grow too fast, I have to constantly clean them up to keep up. This oil helps my cuticles stay healthy; I haven't notice much difference on my hands, but for sure on my toes. I will continue to use this product as it makes my cuticles feel moisturized and healthy after cleaning my nails.

I love it!

First, let me say, I am a nail tech. My salon's tagline is "health conscious nail care". I love that this product doesn't have any odor. I put it on myself and a bride. This color has been on my nails with just a few imperfections for 14days. Unbelievable! Even my best gel "like" polish job only lasted me 10days. My goal was to wear it until it was ugly (based on my standard of ugly). I am impressed with the wear. I will follow-up with a remove review. I did note that each coat has to dry before next coat which can be a salon time waster. Also, if you want shine you have to by the shine coat. The base/top has a matte finish.

Love the polish and everything I got.

Love that its natural. And no harsh chemicals in the products. Goes on so nice, and looks great. Will be buying more? Thank You

Love the color! Great shine

Fabulous kit.

This polish and other applications are lovely. I layer them carefully, drying between stages, and admire how long the look lasts.

Great for natural looking nails

I wanted a color that made my nails look natural, but with a hint of pink, this is the one! This is a very minimalistic look and color, but really accentuates your natural nails, giving them a healthy look. One of my favorites to use, especially on my toes where I typically like to keep simple.

11/10 Nail Repair

I never feel compelled to write product reviews but this stuff is so good!! I was skeptical because my nails were absolutely trashed after repetitive dip powder. But this is the only product that works! I’ve noticed a significant difference in my nail health and I’ve only been using it for one week. It’s also amazing that it’s chemical free and doesn’t smell terrible like other nail repair gels. 100/10 - nothing but wonderful things to say about this product.

Lovely shimmering color!

I have this color on my nails, and it’s beautiful. Since I have been using the nail products from kapanuinails.com, my nails are so healthy. So glad I found this company for colorful healthy nails!!

Beautiful color!

I ordered this nail polish color after seeing how pretty it looks on the Kapanuinails.com website. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am sure it will be lovely.

Fabulous products

I love the color choices of the polishes, and how long-lasting they are. Keep up the good wrk.

Great polish set

I’ve been enjoying the polishes for quite some time, and I’m so happy to have found Kapa Nui. The products and service are fabulous!

Perfect Polish

I am relieved I finally found a non-toxic nail polish that last. I bought the starter kit and I recommend it to everyone.

I love my nails!

I feel really safe and glamorous using the nail polish from Kapa Nui! The nail polish remover works really well, I'm glad there was instructions.

Throw Away All Other Polishes, Right Now!

So, I have been on a hunt for quite some time to find true non toxic and lasting nail polish, and until earlier this month, I thought it was impossible. Maholo Kapa Nui, you have created a phenomenal product. First, I always thought a base coat should be just that, nothing that shines, but preps the nail; done. Next, I couldn’t believe that there is no horrible fumes, and lastly, when I say no chipping on day 2-12; amazing. This photo is 3 weeks in. The only reason, I haven’t removed it yet, is because I’m seating the remover. I literally threw away all other polishes.This nail polish is also affordable; great stocking stuffer. My dream trip is to travel to Hawaii, and with Kapa Nui, I’m getting closer.

Best polish EVER

Highly recommend!! With having health problems this polish is amazing! Never going back to toxic polish.

No odor!!

No odor! Feels natural! Thank you! Was hoping it had a bit more color...

Good Results!

I have been using the Nail Repair & Strengthener for about three weeks and am already having good results. I always had great, strong nails and then menopause happened. Now all of my nails have ridges and one started to split. The split is now gone and I am seeing a much smoother nail surface on all of my fingernails. I was looking for a product that did not contain formaldehyde to strengthen and help smooth my nails. I'm very glad that I found Kappa Nui. It's easy to use, just brush on like nail polish, and it dries very quickly.

Fantastic products

This nail polish was the best nail polish I have ever used! Not only did it not reek of toxic odors but it also was a breeze to work with. Didn’t clump, layered super nice, dried rather quickly, and lasted at least two weeks (could have probably lasted longer too). I will definitely be buying more colors.


I have peace of mind using this non-toxic polish for me and my 4 daughters! Lasts about a week!

Awesome Stuff!

I thing this repair polish works miracles. I love it. Bought it for each of my daughters.

Great product, great price

I love that can polish my nails indoors now (no fumes.) The polish is long lasting and easy to apply. It was a bit of a learning curve using the remover, and it has a bit of an odor, so I used it in the bathroom with good ventilation.
The prices are extremely reasonable, and products and shipping contain very minimal plastic . I’ll be a return shopper with this eco- friendly company.