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I was amazed! I applied it not sure how it would work. Watching the matte appear as it dried was such fun!! I love this finish. Have tried it on several colors and has worked on all! Love it!! Highly recommend!!

I’m happy with the results

My nails are growing and feel stronger

Beautiful color

I LOVE this color. It does seem a bit lighter than in the photos, but regardless it's a beautiful color with lots of shimmer.


This was my first purchase from Kapa Nui. I've been using it religiously for over a week now and definitely see results. I'm so happy I found non-toxic products!

Great color

Love this color

Blushing Sun

This is a beautiful color and goes on so smoothly.

Damaged Nails

My nails were very damaged fro 2 years of SNS nails. Nails are just starting to grow and new growth looks better due to Kapa Nui Repair.


I am super impressed with these products, there really is no odor - you'd have to have your nose directly over the bottle to smell anything; I can't believe how fast everything dries and very long lasting. I will definitely be ordering more colors.

Go-to shade

Blushing sun is subtle with a sheen which I love wearing daily and also dresses up. More versatile than some of the other fun, but more “specialty” orange colors that I tend to use rarely for specific outfits / occasions. I will doubtless use this color up first!

Pretty color

A very pretty col that looks nice on my nails.

Beautiful awesome colors

It really works!

I have tried many, many nail repair products, none of which worked well, and many of which smelled terrible from chemical ingredients. Kapa Nui works, and I feel comfortable with the ingredients.

Wonder serum

I think it is amazing . It’s doing wonders.


I can honestly say that after almost two weeks using your product on my fingernails they feel so much stronger!

The best!!!

Best polish on the planet without the horrible smell!!!

Flattering color!

I was really surprised by how much I love this unassuming color! Even just one coat brought an even saturated color and the tone and sparkles look so nice on my toes!

I always have a black and a white in rotation (I paint my nails at least 2x a month - see 'new moon' review). Love the look of all white nails, or a French tip. This white needed 3 super thin coats to give the look I wanted. So nice. So fresh. Love it.

Just as described - cool cherry red. Very classic. Very bright.

Little black dress for my nail wardrobe

Excellent coverage. Glad they offer this black so I can get rid of the other black polishes. Perfect everyday wear.

Agreed with other reviewers - gives a good shine since the base and top coat sort of dulls the polish a bit. Plus - no strong smell!

Valentine's Day Collection
A better product

Love these products. They are safer and easy to apply and remove. Pretty colors.

Love it

I had never found a product that doesn’t damage my nails till now I love this color and company

Great color long lasting

I love these nail polishes doesn’t weaken my nails the color is great I love it


So easy to use and I saw results within a week!

Love all my colors