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I love this product! This is my second artist, but want to order more!


Works wonders!

Talk about medicine ruining your nails…no longer. And plant based. It doesn’t get any better.
I just feel so much better using KapaNui. I don’t have to do my nails outside anymore. I’m in the house and no one even notices! I’ve passed this information to my doctors including my dermatologist. And they all approve💝
Thank you KapaNui…keep up the beautiful work.

Happy nails

Love the color. My nails are doing better in just two weeks or using your products. Thank you!

10/10 Recommended


I was excited to see a product brand above and beyond sustainability. I wanted to send a non toxin product since the receiver has recovered from cancer. She loved it.


I have never written a review in over 75 years and I feel compelled to let everyone know that this product I bought to repair nails has worked after 30 days use 7 of my 10 nails are now proud to display themselves in public. I had given up already, and my intuition guided me to the Kappa Nui website and it looks so easy just put it on at night and wash it off in the morning. From my perspective, I would call this miracle which I defined as something I cannot figure out how it was done and don't need to know. I am so happy with the results.

Perfect neutral shade!

This color matches my skin tone super well. It took 4 thin coats of this color to even get close to the bottle color as it's see through if you don't! I then topped with the shine top coat and yes it makes a huge difference in helping smooth the manicure out! I love this color it's so pretty and very neutral!

I too love it. The colors are great and last a long time. The products were packaged professionally and I could tell right away the pride they have for their business. I'm impressed.

Love this color on very pretty and pigmented

Great polish. Covers well and removes easily. Def recommend and I will be purchasing more!

I have to say I like this product. The colors are unique and fun. I was wearing gel nails. My nails deteriorated. Today, my nails still react to any nail polish. So, I am unable to use
Any polishes.

I absolutely love this brand. The colors are amazing and the customer service is fantastic!!! The only nail polish I will ever use.

Pretty and sheer, should use it as a shimmer layer. Love how light the polish is on my nails compared to other nail polish, I’ve layered it enough to look almost solid. So it can be a sheer polish, top coat, or with enough layers not so sheer but almost a frosty shimmery nude toned color which is cool. You can do a lot with this polish, I love that it is sustainable and toxin free! I have dried it with a cool air fan which wasn’t as effective as the hairdryer as they recommend but still works so this polish is pretty easy to use, love how quick it can dry too!

Love this company so much! The only nail polish I wear💕

I LOVE Kapa Nui products!! Long lasting and not harmful to me or the environment

Love this vibrant color so much! Everything about kapa nui nails is amazing.

Love, love, love this polish! I have tried many of the "non-toxic" polishes but I couldn't wear any of them. They all made me sick after wearing them just one day. I reluctantly tried this water-based polish expecting that it wouldn't last long before chipping. Oh, how wrong I was about that. Not only can I wear it without any ill effects but it wears for over a week with no chipping. And I wash my hands frequently and I also moisturize with oils and it still holds up to all of that. It wears like a gel on me but looks better as it's not as thick as gel. Only downsides are the removal process (is a little harder to remove than regular polish but it's not too difficult) and I wish they had more color choices in neutrals, pinks and reds. Definitely recommend and will purchase again!

I LOVE Kapa Nui nail polishes!!

I LOVE Kapa Nui nail polishes!!

I LOVE Kapa Nui nail polishes!!

I LOVE Kapa Nui nail polishes!!

I LOVE Kapa Nui nail polishes!!

I LOVE Kapa Nui nail polishes!! They are great for us and the environment!!

I LOVE Kapa Nui nail polishes!! I love that I can look beautiful without putting toxic chemicals on my body and also helping the environment. ❤️