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Love this! I get compliments on “manta ray” often!! Also love the base/top coat it makes a big difference can’t wait to try more colors!


This stuff is amazing! I had deep ridges in my nails. After using two weeks the ridges are almost gone. Like I said, #Amazing.

Produce really works

Am very pleased with this nail repair and strengthener. It has worked well for me does not irritate my skin or have an odor.

These make a big difference, you need a little friction and they don't absorb a ton of remover. I love that I can just rinse and reuse!

It took a few minutes for me to understand how to use this product appropriately but once I figured it out it is pretty easy to use. So happy to have found a non-toxic alternative.

Like it!

This color is pretty I like the hint of shimmer and blue. I'm hoping for a more intense coral color from Kapanui in the future. This color seems to take the longest for me to remove.

Nice polish

The polish covers well and looks good. It was lighter in person that I expected.


I am a DIY painter. I've tried gels, dips, stickers, press-ons and traditional polish. All peel off or chip immediately and ruin my nails for weeks. This polish hasn't chipped the entire week. It's beautiful (I bought the starter kit in Seashell). I love that it dries fast, doesn't stink, and the business's mission.
I cannot wait to purchase more! Mahalo ❤

It works on my other polish!

Didn’t need to watch a video to use it and it removed my bright red triple coat polish easily and completely! No chemical smell, it’s legit!

Long Lasting

My manicures rarely last a full week without major chipping. I have now gone a full week with only minor chipping. The shine and hard smooth finish are durable and long lasting. Very satisfied with the performance of this product.


Beautiful shimmery coral that looks more peach with artificial light, but morphs to a light pink in sunlight.


Idk what I was thinking not ordering this originally. Love the way it makes the new moon and manta ray look. Definitely makes the coconut look like liquid paper (for those of you old enough!).

Great Color

Love the color and the smoothness of it.

Best nail polish

I love everything from Kapa Nui so far! This color is beautiful and bright and It really says on. I don’t think I’ve ever had nail polish stay this long without chipping. I’m so impressed

Nice color

This is a bronzy color that is unique and pretty. I wanted something other than my usual red or purple. This was just right!

My new favorite!

I love this color. I like that there’s a nice depth of color to it. I’ve gotten 3 other polishes from here that I love, but I think this is my new favorite!

Nail Repair

My nails were splitting and splintering 2 weeks ago. Not now! I'll keep using this product until they are entirely 'healed.'

Very lovely

A beautiful, earthy green - the polish looks just as I does in the pictures. Beautiful coverage with two coats and lasted at least a week.

My favorite

This color is so vivid. One of my favorites from your company


Very nice color

Great coverage

I was worried it might be thin like some other black polish I have tried before. This black is DARK and covers great.

Great product

The remover works great. It's quick and doesn’t smell

The Best Stuff!

About a year ago my nails started peeling,tearing and being generally weak. I tried everything; collagen, nail oil, cuticle cream, other strengtheners vitamins, hcl to digest vitamins. None of this worked. Kapa Nui Nail Repair & Strengthener did. It took about 3 weeks of nightly application to start seeing a difference so stick with it. I appreciate that it dried fast or I would never have stuck with it. Worth it! I wish I would have taken before pictures. This is amazing!


i love the green shade of naupaka! ive been looking for that shade forever! Love all your products. The nail polishglides on so easily its a joy to wear!

Perfect subtle shimmer.

This is exactly the color and effect I've been looking for - a sheer, subtle white sparkle like stardust. I like to use just one coat so that it just picks up the light. It's absolutely gorgeous!