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Wonderful Color

This is a beautiful color for January. I wanted a classic color to welcome 2022. The only nail products that I’m not allergic to. My nails are healthy and happy.

Love these products

I had seen ads for this company pop up and I was finally able to get myself a starter kit to try out. I really love this nail polish, it applies really smoothly and there is no smell at all which is a huge plus! I will for sure be ordering lots more colors in the future.

It Takes so Long

I never used a remover like this but it took me a very long time to get the polish off my nails. I'm rather impatient and probably won't polish my nails again.


This is a beautiful, pearlescent shade of pink. It looks great on.


Bought this as a gift for someone whose favorite color is yellow.


I bought this as a gift. It is a pretty shade of pink.


I bought this as a gift. The recipient really likes the color.

Cool red

This makes for a nice cool-toned red that would be perfect for the holidays.
It also looks great layered with 'Olili.


This is a nice shade of lilac. It's slightly warmer in tone than cool.


This is a nice sparkly sheer silver. It looks good on its own or layered.

Very conditioning

I love how it works so quickly.

So cute!

This was the perfect thing for my daughter's Christmas gift. It is such a lovely color!

Awesome gift

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas, & I'm so grateful to have it. My niece painted her nails with standard nail polish before I gifted her this set, & I couldn't stand the odor of the polish. I was so relieved to have found Kapa Nui & immediately removed the yucky & replaced it with nontoxic Kapa Nui!

Love it!

At first I was a little annoyed by the length of time for application with using a hair dryer, but the color came out absolutely lovely and has held up for a week of abuse and is just now starting to get a few tiny nicks! I am very pleased, and it is worth following the instructions!

Gently rough

What can I say, really? There not cotton. There little pads with just enough roughness to remove the polish. They are gentle enough to not s ratchet or damage your nails.

This was my first time trying Kapa Nui. I love this color so so much. I used the base and top coat sealer and did 2 coats of the color and still had chips in the polish after about 3 days. I wish it would stay on for longer, but I do use a lot of hand sanitizer and am hard on my hands for my job so I'm sure that didn't help either. So happy with the color though and love that it's non toxic!

Great conditioner

After reading a ton of reviews and recommendations, I bought this to repair my nails from a bad gel nail polish removal. My nails were pitted and breaking continuously. This treatment definitely conditions the nail very well. I saw a marked improvement to the quality of my nails after two weeks of daily use. Sadly, I am still seeing some breakage but not as frequently or as badly as before, so I do think this works! My nails feel so much better that I sometimes use it twice a day even though I get some strange looks during the day since it does leave a film on the nails (it will fray even if you are only typing) until you wash it off with water. I recommend trying it!

This stuff is incredible!

I saw and felt a difference on the first use. My nails felt smoother and thicker instantly. It has been better and better with each application. My nails are smoothing out and are definitely thicker than they used to be. And my nails already grow quickly, but this formula has definitely sped up the growth process.

I work as a paralegal, and I just wanted to have healthy, nice-looking natural nails. This product has definitely exceeded my expectations and more.

Fun Color

This nail polish stays on well without chipping, and the shimmery orchid color is amazing.


This is a beautiful rich purple and is lovely for the holiday season. It applies easily, but I had some chipping after 2 days. It’s nice for those who want a different color than red that looks luxurious.

Fantastic product

I love this cuticle oil! It has really helped keep my fingers in great shape this winter!

Wonderful product

Wonderful products, great colors, I'm always in search of product with less chemicals so I'm glad to have found that brand

Love the color

I love the Popolo Berry color for winter! It looks great even after two weeks and comes off easily. I had stopped painting my nails years ago because of the smell and I'm now hooked on Kapa Nui products. I love adding to my collection.

Great product

To me, all Kapa Nui nail products work really well; I love them. The polish removal is not easy, for I need to use quite a bit of gel before it removes the polish; however, it is a natural product, not a chemical.


Literally went to the Made In Hawai’i expo SPECIFICALLY for Kapa Nui Nails! I have been trying to find safe non-toxic nail polish so I can have matching nails with my 2 year old and as soon as I came across their insta, I was stoked! Then I found out they were going to the expo, even more stoked! The bottles are kinda small but I’m not one to keep changing nail colors, so this is the perfect size bottle for me. Definitely recommend getting the starter kit! My mini loves getting her fingernails & toes painted with me, I cannot wait to get more colors!