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Great quality!!!


Loving the non-toxic nail polish for my girls and I. T

Love it!!!

Beautiful colors and finally a healthy safe way to have pretty nails!!!

Mermaid color

It makes a statement in color!!!

Great color

It is gold!!!

Best of two worlds

Nice product


This polish is fantastic! I can never keep polish on my nails for more than a day, and this has lasted for a week. Even better - it’s non-toxic, making it better for me and the environment. So glad I found Kapa Nui 🤗

Beautiful color & lasting forever!

Such a beautiful neutral color - it would look good on any skin tone. I really love this nail polish. It's so easy to apply, dries faster than conventional nail polish, and allows someone like me who cannot use conventional nail polish any longer to still have nice looking nails and express myself through all the fun colors they offer. I applied this color in particular 9 days ago and still there is not one chip! Even through my daily gardening, dishwashing, and other chores. It really is amazing. Even if I could return to conventional polish why on earth would i since this is so great?!?!


Such a beautiful color! I love shimmery, coppery nail polish so am glad you folks make this one! I found that this shimmery color didn’t last quite as long in perfect condition on my nails as the solid colors do— maybe a day or two less; but I work with my hands a lot and wash dishes barehanded so I really put nail polish to the test. It still lasted just as well or better than standard nail polish. And it came off more easily than the solid colored polishes do, which was interesting. Overall, I really like it and will be back for more colors now that the mail is recovering from the holidays!

Sturdy, pretty & the right size

Good quality zipper and sturdy fabric, this pretty bag keeps many bottles of polish, top coats, remover and implements elegantly organized. It turns the “chore” of renewing my nails into an indulgence.

Christmas present

This was given as a Christmas present so I haven't heard yet how great, or other, your product is. I like the colors available and the starter kit. I also like that there are videos to watch on how to apply.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover - Discontinued
Great Product

At first I wasn’t used to a nail polish remover that didn’t remove the polish with one swipe. This took a little getting used to but honestly I love it because it does not damage my nails. Other nail polishes seem to eat the nail and leave these white streaks that just seem unhealthy. Although it takes a little bit more work this nail polish remover removes the polish without damaging my nails.


This wais the perfect color for Christmas! Love all the nail polishes.

Great coat

This base coat/top coat goes on so easily, the brush and coat are both easy to use. And of course the reason I was drawn to this company non toxic!!! 💕

Sparkly Coral color

I love love love this sparkly Coral color and had to have it! I was not disappointed it looks great. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use the brush and control the amount of polish and paint it where I want it to be, aka not my fingers just the nail haha! Nontoxic and easy to use I highly recommend.

Natural nail polish remover

I have been wishing for some natural nail polish remover. Acetone is so toxic and you can feel it the cold burn as it touches your skin, and even with the burn it takes forever to get the nail polish off. Yesterday I used my new Kapa Nui remover and it worked well! I didn't have to deal with toxic smells, or the cold posion burn, and I was able to remove my old polish from my nails not efficiently than usual. I totally recommend, support the earth and small business :)

Works well

I think the product is worth the cost and works well!

Love the low odor.

Nice nude color! We'll see how long it lasts but im pleased that I don't need to hold my breath from the fumes.

Gotta have them all 🤩

This polish does not disappoint. I bought two to try and now am back for round three of purchasing.

Very nice.

Very nice.

EWG Approved

It is important to me that all of the products I use on my hair, skin and nails is all natural free from harmful chemicals. When I found this product by I was excited to try it. It has helped my nails be stronger and less apt to chip, peel or split especially with all the hand washing that we are doing now because of the Covid Virus. Thank you Kapan Nui. jht, Bountiful, Utah.

Helps Polish Last

This helps my nail polish last much longer, and I would recommend buying it.

Nice Color, Good Quality

The color is really pretty, and this non-toxic brand stays on my nails, unlike others I have used. I would definitely buy this brand again

Great Polish

I have tried other safe, toxin-free nail polishes but this one is the best! I've had it on for almost a week, and it hasn't chipped at all, while other brands I used came off and peeled off within a day. These are great, and I would definitely continue using this brand!

Great Product!

I love that their products are eco friendly. I ordered two colors with a base and top coat. Both colors are gorgeous and stay on really well.