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Awaiting return of "normal" nails after chemo and radiation, and the joy of applying this "pretty" polish is my inspirational goal. Thank you so much.

One of the most beautiful nail colors I've ever seen

So gorgeous. Applies beautifully. One coat seemed good enough and 2 is just gorgeous.


Nice color. It was a little lighter than I expected. Unfortunately I have Lost the nail Polish. I'm not sure if it fell into the trash but I can't find it anywhere So now I can't re-Polish my nails. I hope they send me a replacement


Fairly easy to apply. Use only 1 coat of each. I do have trouble keeping it on the ends of the nail. Touching up the ends doesn't really work well. But I like the protective coat it gives & slight shine. My nails are growing & don't shred as easily. Can I keep a coat on them all the time w/o damaging the nails?

Great Polish

Polish is easy to apply, stayed on for 7days with no chips!!! Removed easily.
I will order more colors

Awesome stuff 👏

Wow this takes the nail polish off without a hassle! I love both the nail polish remover and polish pads . The nail polish now comes off so much easier vs a a former brand I’ve used in the past which was Piggy Paint brand which takes forever to come off especially with their nail polishes that contain glitter.

I am very impressed with everything!!!!!!!

I love the Kapa Nui nail polish stater kit that I ordered . I am soo EXCITED that my mom and I found your Kapa Nui nail polish . I’ve been using Piggy Paint as non toxic nail polish alternative for several years but they carry don’t some of the colors that kappa Nui does so after anxiously looking for another non toxic nail polish brand that has the colors I have been searching for my mom and I recently came across this product instead. I , instantly wanted to give this product a chance .Your product is excellently designed to give people a safer alternative. The nail polish starter kit includes everything to get you started. I am very impressed it has everything I want as a safe alternative vs regular nail polish that I no longer purchase because of the harsh chemicals in it. You’ll be very happy with this incredible product . All the instructions are very easy to follow and it gives you long lasting beautiful nails without being exposed to harmful chemicals.

This is a perfect dark gray with a hint of blue

I love this color so much. This color, Kalapana, and Naupaka are my winter favorites this year. I have allergic contact dermatitis, fibromyalgia , Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, mast cell activation syndrome, and other conditions. I can’t wear regular nail polish and I have to keep my beauty products as nontoxic as possible. I love that this polish is safer, looks good, and stays on. I applied this color with the shine coat and I got quite a few days wear out of it. It’s nice that it doesn’t smell and you can apply it before bed. This is a great color if you want to wear something dark but your hands don’t look good with black polish. It’s such a flattering color—I got a lot of compliments. It’s nice on fair skin too. I’m pale, ginger, and have mature skin and a lot of the brighter shades don’t work with my skin tone. This one is excellent though.

Starter kit

I have used the starter kit once and so far and very happy with the results. It’s time to change the polish and I expect my natural nails will be healthy. This system is very easy to use.

Great color

This is a very fun color to use on my nails. The quality is great, Kapa Nui polishes last long and the colors are just beautiful. This is one of my favorites and can’t wait to try other colors as well.

Best ever

Love the whole kit my nails are happy to have no chemicals on them even the remover is nice

works great, pretty safe!

i am hyper-sensitive to alot of chemicals, this was a little tough to apply but the scent wore off quickly as it dried becoming so i can't smell it at all (and i can smell things other people can't no matter how hard they try)! Because i was testing it and don't have much money i only bought this, not a base coat or anything. Because of that it immediately chipped but a large portion is hanging on even a week later so I'm sure it'd be pretty strong if used right! looking forward to getting to use more from this brand in the future!

Color without Toxins

Thank you Kapa Nui for giving me nail color without chemical smell and toxins. Removal was without nail damage or smell of toxins also. Definatly my new found polish.

Arizona Christmas

Wife loved the starter set, it was nice to have a product that was non toxic. Thank you.

Awesome product

I applied the polish and base/top coat two days before we had a water main break. I ended up ripping carpet, moving things, etc for days. My nails barely had any chips. I think this product held up better than other brands I have used in the past. Thank you!

Such a great product!

I really love nail polish, but always had a hard time using it knowing how wasteful it is, and how the chemicals in it are bad for the environment, but I kept using it because having pretty nails for me is self care and important for my mental health. SO when I saw an ad for Kapa Nui I was intrigued, but also skeptical. I really appreciated the depth of information they provided on their website. It helped answer my questions and showed me the owners really do care about what they create. So I decided to try it! I got a starter kit with a deep purple color. I was a little disappointed that on the instructions it says to use a hair dryer between each coat, because I didn't see that on the website before I purchased, but I have a hair dryer so it was no problem. I doubt a hair dryer is necessary for proper application. The base coat dries really fast, and it feels like the color dried as fast as regular nail polish. I have not tried it without drying with a hair dryer for 60 seconds between each coat. However, I followed the instructions I got to a T (I had to use 2 coats with the deep purple I got, no big deal, the Kapa Nui polish goes on the same as regular polish) and I was really happy with the result! It is essentially indistinguishable from regular nail polish. It does feel like it dried and hardened faster than regular nail polish. I painted my nails in the middle of the day and had no problems with chipping or fading. I planted a bunch of plants wearing gloves the following day and didn't see any significant wear. This stuff will easily replace regular nail polish for me.
The picture of my hand is a couple days after my first try with Kapa Nui, not trying my best to make it look good, just seeing how it works, but I have no complaints! Definitely give this a try!

healthy fingernails

I am enjoying this product. My fingernails are happier and seem to be healthier than ever before. I love that!


This product is great. My nails were splitting and snagging on my cloths or pockets and now after just 3 applications my nails are fine.
Thank you!!

Snow White

I was so excited to use this polish while doing a French manicure. Coconut did not disappoint!

Perfect French Mani

This clear pinky color is so pretty alone for a natural look and its the perfect fleshy pink for a French mani. Absolutely love it.

Perfect for French Mani

This clear pink is so cute by itself and pretty with a French tip. I absolutely love it.


Gave this as a gift. She loved it.

Love this nail polish!

Highly recommend!!! The only nail polish I've bought since getting a starter kit from my sister as a birthday gift!

Seems to be helping.

My nails were not in the best condition after having my nails dipped for a year. So I have just finished one week using the nail repair and they look some better.


I love this stuff! It took a couple of try’s to get used to it but now I feel like a pro and I love that is doesn’t stink like normal nail polish remover!