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Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover by Kapa Nui Nails

$10.50 USD


Kapa Nui Nail Polish Remover is an innovative formula that only has one highly effective non-toxic ingredient. Our remover works on all polishes ~ on natural nails. We do not add ingredients with little founded benefit. No mess, no bad odors: the gel formula is easy to apply and remove with minimal odor. Does not dry your nails or cuticles, washes off with water. A must have for any mani and pedi regimen. (not for acrylic nail use). 


Does our "natural, non-toxic" products smell toxic? No. Since our products are truly Non-Toxic they are virtually odorless.

  •  Acetone, alcohol & paraben free, low odor.  With minimal odor, can be used at work, travel and home around kids.
  • Earth friendly. In Hawaii we cherish our environment and care that all our products do no harm to the water or land environments.
  • Our pump dispenser dispenses only what you need on  the nail and stays in place for wiping off cleanly.
  • Made in Hawaii with Aloha. Vegan & cruelty free and packaged with Earth in mind.
  • Watch our Remover Video for more details

Ingredients: 1,3-dioxolane 

Polish Removal:

  • Effectively remove our polish with Kapa Nui Remover. Alternatives: removers specifically for water-based polishes, hand sanitizer Gel 70%+ alcohol content. Acetone removers will not work.  
  • Generously apply gel to cover the nail, do not spread once laid down. 
  • Only apply the gel to 1-2 nails at a time.  
  • Wait 30- 60 seconds, do not let the remover dry or it will have to be re-applied. Then rub with our re-usable pad, cotton pad or paper towel.  


Lightly buff the top layer off before gel application.  

The longer the polish is worn, the harder it is to remove. We do not recommend wearing for more than 10 days in most cases. The drier your nails the more gel is needed to remove. Try our Kapa Nui Nail Repair & Strengthener to hydrate, strengthen and grow your nails naturally.




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Natural nail polish remover

I have been wishing for some natural nail polish remover. Acetone is so toxic and you can feel it the cold burn as it touches your skin, and even with the burn it takes forever to get the nail polish off. Yesterday I used my new Kapa Nui remover and it worked well! I didn't have to deal with toxic smells, or the cold posion burn, and I was able to remove my old polish from my nails not efficiently than usual. I totally recommend, support the earth and small business :)

Clean & easy

This is a great product. I most appreciate that there is no gross smell like acetone removers. Also no stinging sensation if it gets on your skin, no stains if it happens to get on clothes. It's very hard to make a mess with it, as the gel keeps it from spilling or getting everywhere. Like everything Kapa Nui, it makes the whole process far more pleasant.