May 01, 2021

May Day in Hawai'i

May Day in Hawai'i

Here in Hawai'i, May Day is Lei Day, a celebration of the aloha spirit and an homage to the iconic Hawaiian flower lei (garland or wreath.) Every year on May 1st, thousands of locals create and exchange lei, and social festivities are held throughout the state to celebrate.

While the first official Lei Day was celebrated in 1929, lei making is an ancient Hawaiian art form. Lei were created as special gifts; great care was taken in finding specific materials and artfully handcrafting each lei. When exchanging lei, it is said that the mana (spirit) of the lei maker passes to the lei recipient, adding a depth of meaning to these beautiful flowery necklaces.

Happy May Day from Hawai'i! :)

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 by Colby Sameshima