Naupaka - Non Toxic Nail Polish

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Size: 9ml

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Naupaka - We reside in the cool mountains of Waimea and pass the darker more robust bushes of the Naupaka Kuahiwi daily. This inspired the color of the mature, resilient leaves that still bear the half blossom and remind us of the call of the oceanside Naupaka Kahakai.

color: a pickle or medium camo green ( cream) 
For desired Finishing Coat Shop: Matte or Shine

Our Revolutionary Nail Care System is designed to be used together; Kapa Nui Nail Color with our Base & Top Coat Sealer delivers long-wearing, chip resistant nails. (for natural nails only) Our polishes must be removed with Kapa Nui Remover Acetone will not remove our polish.

Apply all steps in thin layers allowing to dry 60 seconds between coats:
Step 1: Apply a thin layer of our Base & Top Coat Sealer
Step 2: Apply the Color coat in 1-2 layers
Step 3: Re-apply the Base & Top Coat Sealer.
For desired Finishing Coats SHOP: Matte or Shine
Ingredients: Water, acrylates emulsion, mineral pigments (may contain red and/or violet lakes, ultramarine blue, and/or titanium, chromium "hydroxide", and iron oxides)
Notes: acrylates emulsion: there are no plastic microbeads or PFA's "Per-and polyfluoroalky substances" learn more
naupaka bush with non toxic nail polish color

One of Hawai’i’s most famous and intriguing legends is that of the Naupaka plant. The unique Naupaka blossom appears to be a half flower - as if half of its petals are missing - and it can be found both in the mountains and at the seashore. The legend tells the story of two lovers who were forced to separate forever, one in the mountains and one at seashore, to escape the fury of a jealous Pele (Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes)…

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Value Set contains: Naupaka Polish, Base & Top Coat Sealer, Travel Remover 1oz, Re-usable remover pads, Manicure sticks, Burlap Travel Bag

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How to Use


Apply all steps in thin layers allowing to dry 60 seconds between coats:

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of our Base & Top Coat Sealer

toxin free nail polish step 2

Step 2: Apply Color coat in 1-2 layers. Re apply Base & Top Coat

Step 3: To remove our long lasting polish with our Kapa Nui Remover

Finishing Coats Matte or Shine

When applied with Kapa Nui Base & Top Coat Sealer our polishes must be removed with Kapa Nui Remover which will also easily remove lacquers. Acetone will not remove our polish layers. 

Life is about experiences and living in the moment. Keep your nails looking good while you live it with the healthiest choice in nail polish. Our safe non-toxic nail polish will transform your nails from dull to dazzling! It’s toxin-free, eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. Best of all, it’s completely safe for little ones — a healthier choice for everyone.